Chinese Writing

對我來說,閱讀外國文化的最大興趣點在於:他們在談什麽, 他們是怎麽想的。我發現有不少的話題在英文世界上廣為流傳,在中文世界裏卻沒有。反之亦然。理解西方文化,對理解華人的自身環境有些啟發。In this adopted country which appeared to be a land of foreignness, I was very keen to know how they saw the world. I would like to find out what they talked everyday and how they lived a life. This was the motivation of my eight year study in the University of Toronto. Since I moved to Vancouver in 2013,  I have been interested in sharing what I find every single days.


Art Journalist, Critic, and Educator 藝術寫作,藝術教育