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Warm City Hot Art project

This project is to facilitate the understanding of the North American art and culture at a deeper level for Chinese immigrants and tourists  to Vancouver. In Canada in general,  the ideas behind art and culture are usually less accessible for them. This project is to fill this gap. The collaborative project includes Youtube video channels, cultural tours, and a smart phone app.


Vancouver Art Gallery Chinese tour 

Since October 2014, Dong Yue has been doing Mandarin and Cantonese tour for Chinese visitors at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Using his knowledge of art history and the staff training at the gallery, and drawing the parallels from the Chinese culture, Dong Yue deliver the exhibition guided talks that make international art relevant to the Chinese audience. Some exhibitions, such as Mashup, Cezanne, have big turnouts. Visitors include adults, students and families.


City of Vancouver Public Art Tour  

A series of tours to the popular public art pieces in downtown Vancouver was led by Dong Yue for the Public Art Program of the city of Vancouver in the summer of 2015. The tours were conducted in Mandarin and it was so popular that some of the tours exceeded the capacity of 20 people.


Centre A Public Seminar 

This seminar was the first of its kind in Vancouver initiated and led by Dong Yue, which is meant to be part of a series of talks. This one in late 2015 was about the survey on the must-visit cultural venues in Vancouver for the local Chinese who are interested in exploring Vancouver. The two-hour seminar was in Mandarin and had about 30 attendants.


Vancouver Art Gallery Family Program 

Dongyue was also a facilitator of the family program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The family program caters to the kids under the age of 12, with many interesting hands-on workshops for the them to explore art in the gallery studio after they have visited the exhibition with their parents. Parents are encouraged to participate together with their kids.


Cultural Salon at UBC

The Salon was co-organized by Dongyue and a few Ph.D students of UBC. The objective of the salon is to facilitate dialogue in arts between the academic community and the non-academic audience among the Chinese community. The salon took place in the fall of 2014.


Burnaby Art Gallery Tour

This tour has been well received by the Chinese visitors. Dongyue has started the tour in late 2013. The tour is part of the gallery outreach to the Chinese community in Burnaby.

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