Art Making

Door God, 2008, Acrylic on canvas   18" by 24"
Door God, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas 18″ X 24″

Reverse Happiness, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 18" by 24"
Reverse Happiness, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 18″ X 24″

Panda and Bamboo, 2008 Linocut on Paper 18″ X 24″

My inquiry is the relation between the contemporary artist and his/her local community regarding the understanding of art. I am trying to foreground this relation in the process of my art making. Many of my painting and photography works are about the notion of the people. In conceiving an artistic expression, I work in the similar fashion of journalist writing, in which the writer always keeps in his/her readers in mind. My artistic expressions are constantly negotiating with the receivers’ understanding of art. I was a journalist in China a decade ago. I am now making art to communicate with my fellow Chinese communities. This is meant to be a critique of the enclosed circle of contemporary Chinese art scene, which I believe is disconnected with its local communities. In a broader sense, I am anti-elitist in the context of contemporary Chinese art worldwide. For this reason, I choose the Chinese folk art as the basis of my artistic creation.

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